About this global warming thing

The majority of the scientists who are conversant with the details that encompass what's called 'global warming' or 'climate' change' insist that it's caused in large part by the activities of the human race. A small minority of scientists and Rush Limbaugh, insist that what we are witnessing is an Earth cycle, independent of our puny input. Rush and his ilk would urge us to leave the lights on, smoke up a storm, build another coal burning plant and buy another SUV.
Here's my take.
When I was about 12 years old, I was living in a new suburb of Chicago called Northlake. The first few years I was there I would walk the few blocks to the creek that was abundant in fish (Blue Gill, Carp, Bullhead, and turtles) and a place we could swim in the hot Illinois summers. Within a few years they built an electronics factory where there had been a golf course. They started dumping waste into the creek. Very quickly the shimmering waterfall had a soapsuds-like flow and the fish and turtles were gone. So was the swimming.
In an earlier summer, there was a chemical spraying project to keep down the mosquitoes. Up till that point the summer brought, what we called in the mid-west, lightning bugs. Also known as fireflies and glow worms. I'd seen them in my early years in Chicago and two years living in the older suburb of Maywood. After the spraying program they were gone. I remember the trucks going down the streets exuding the awful smelling mist. Was it DDT? Probably.
I don't know. Did anyone tell us to stay indoors during the spraying? I don't recall. I loved watching the lightning bugs. An ethereal, magical part of the summer nights. The smell of the spray lingered for days.

Dead rivers, streams, creeks, and lakes were an ongoing, increasing reality of my growing up. Places I visited had this experience. Books and articles I read detailed more reports of the damage caused by the by-product of human invention. Untested and used without thought as to the destruction to the environment we all depended on for our physical and emotional health.

As a young adult living in Southern California I experienced the grayish-brown smudge that passed for a sky above Los Angeles and its suburbs to the east, south and north. There were a few times I thought my lungs were going to cease functioning. I would pull off the road and sit there in a panic feeling as if I would die. Aside from simply hating that look of no sky, of always being in a huge, smelly room, I felt always deprived of oxygen, of that basic human need…air. When we moved to the mountains 100 miles east of L.A., a vast national forest between Palm Springs and Riverside, we were removed from the worst of the smog. We had a spot we could go to, about a mile high, and look west. Where we should have been seeing 50 miles of hills and trees and houses and the spreading streets of Riverside, we, on all but the rarest days, would see a dark line across the horizon. A grayish, brown, impenetrable muck where nothing was visible.  
As if a mad, untalented painter had taken a fat brush and wiped out the view.
On those rare days in L.A. or its surroundings, when the smog was absent and the surrounding mountains could be seen, it was like being transported to a different place. One could get a sense of what it must have been like when the orange growers and movie makers of the early 2oth century arrived.
What the natives before them knew as their home.

In the 1970s we had the great gas shortages. America saw how easily their lives could be screwed with by dictators in small kingdoms of the Middle East. Our then president Jimmy Carter even gave an impassioned speech that declared we must begin immediately a crash program to create alternate fuels for our cars and to heat and cool our houses. That would have been the time to start an Apollo program, a Manhattan Project, to make it a top priority to begin to be free of this dependence and in turn find cleaner ways to power our way of life.
Why this man, who toiled as those before and after him for the multi-national bankers and corporations, was even allowed to utter this blasphemy I don't know.
But then he was retired quickly to the dust bin of history and the solar panels he put on the roof of the White House were immediately removed when Saint Reagan moved in. The owners took the gloves off and began to dismantle anything resembling "by the people, of the people and for the people".
Consider where we would be if that crash program had begun in 1980!
These political deal makers scream forever about the security of the American people. That would have been a sane, important move towards security.
So we accepted our environment being poisoned out of ignorance. Some who poisoned us may have been ignorant.

We are long past ignorant. There is a mountain of facts attesting to what we have done to ourselves and the natural surroundings that sustain us. Whether this is causing the global warming scenario or not, it has made our lives poorer. It has diminished our relationship to these surroundings and our own bodies.
Curiously most of the actions that are called for to stop 'global warming' are actions that would improve our lives and those that come after us.

If the Earth decides to kick our asses for its own purposes, so be it, but in the time we have left, we could be much happier and more creative not stumbling around in a smog infested, poisoned environment.

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