When you see a couple, so in love,

so happy, so horny,

radiating the energy of love


and when a baby, smiling,

holds out its hand to you, a stranger,

and it’s little hand wraps around your finger

and it’s smile broadens,

it’s eyes full of trust and acceptance


and when you see a group of people laughing

till the tears come,

because they’ve just been struck by the

monumental absurdity of life

and their laughter is complete and unaffected


and when you see someone dancing,

totally absorbed in the music,

beyond dancing for show or style,

just dancing, real and true and natural


you wonder who ever thought of war


who ever thought of instilling fear in enough people

to create armies,

to humiliate and break and train

enough human beings to march forth

and kill other human beings,

so their ruler could own more land

or gold or diamonds or silver or oil or weapons

to control even more people


who ever thought of capturing,

torturing and enslaving other human beings

to work without pay or respect or appreciation


who ever thought of prisons

because the guards are in prison too,

the judge is in the same boring, ugly courtroom

with the prisoners too

and the policemen and soldiers bend their spines

hauling the heavy arms and tools

of control and empire building


when you see those children,

on a summer day,

splashing in the ocean waves or the rushing waters of a creek,

laughing, present, alive in the pure sunlight,

while someone sleeps in the shade of a Cottonwood tree

 the color of wildflowers

 the clear high sound of a bird

 you wonder how anyone ever thought of war


new visions

21st Century music

nature - human and otherwise

pondering universal energy as it appears through musical instruments

the strength of beauty

the boredom of brutality

the creating dance of love

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A feeling for music

I don't know whether I spoke first or sang first as a little boy. My earliest memories have a soundtrack. I wrote my first songs before I could play an instrument.

When I started playing piano, then guitar, I wanted, more than learning note for note the songs I'd loved, to create what I'd never heard before.

Certainly many songs come out sounding like one genre or another, but many also didn't fit neatly into any category. I called my first label "No Categories", but decided I didn't want to have my label say "no".

Now it's "Futurewave", but in the present, whenever I pick up a guitar or sit at the keyboard, the wonder and mystery of where music comes from is always there.

And it's always fresh. Reaching onto the future.

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